Summary of our Whistleblower policy

Purpose and scope

Child Rights Connect requires staff, consultants, interns, volunteers and members of its Executive Committee to observe the highest standards of professional and personal ethics in their work. The organisation has zero tolerance for any conduct contrary to relevant laws and human rights standards or contrary to its organisational policies.

This policy aims to encourage and enable any person, including those outside of the organisation, to report a suspected violation so that Child Rights Connect can address and correct improper action.

Acting in good faith

Any person reporting a suspected violation is expected to act in good faith. This means she/he must reasonably believe that a staff member, consultant, intern, volunteer or Executive Committee member of Child Rights Connect has failed to comply with human rights standards, laws and regulations applicable to the organisation, or Child Rights Connect organisational policies.

Reporting procedure

Any person outside of Child Rights Connect who wishes to report a suspected violation should share their concerns in writing to:

  • The Executive Director of Child Rights Connect: [email protected]; or
  • If the suspected violation involves the Executive Director or a member of the Executive Committee, to the Vice-President of the Executive Committee: [email protected]; or
  • If the suspected violation involves the Vice-President of the Executive Committee, to the President of the Executive Committee: [email protected].

Each of the above email address is solely managed by the post-holder.

Child-friendly reporting procedure

If a child wishes to communicate a complaint about Child Rights Connect (of any nature) or an adult wishes to communicate a complaint about allegations of child abuse, they should refer to Sections 7, 8 and 9 of Child Rights Connect’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedure.

No retaliation and confidentiality

Child Rights Connect is committed to protect from adverse consequences those who report a suspected violation. Any employee, consultant, intern, volunteer, Executive Committee member or Network member who retaliates against a person reporting a suspected violation will be sanctioned.

Any person reporting a suspected violation may request confidentiality. Such communications will be kept confidential to the extent that an adequate investigation allows so.

Handling of complaints

Depending on the subject of the suspected violation, Child Rights Connect Executive Director or Vice-President or President is responsible for investigating the matter and reporting to the full Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for deciding on a response, communicating it to those involved, and overseeing the implementation of the response. Any Executive Committee member involved in allegations will be automatically excluded from this process.

Special needs and questions

If you need any special assistance in filing a complaint, or simply have a question on this policy, please contact one of the three persons listed under the above section ‘3. Reporting Procedure’.

Please otherwise feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions about the policy.

For download

You can access our full Whistleblower policy here.