Child Rights Connect webpage dedicated to  COVID-19 responses

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is having a major impact on the lives of children and families. Given the large amount of resources developed by different organizations, at Child Rights Connect we want to help you in your search for information. For this purpose, we have pulled together resources from our members and partners, as well as some relevant press releases and statements on the topic and divided them into different sections. We seek to provide clarity by offering an overview of the responses to the disease by various organizations. We hope this will help civil society and the general public to quickly review information that is of interest. We will be updating the webpage regularly as the crisis unfolds.

Child Rights Connect staff in Geneva is working from home following the Swiss government guidelines. You can reach us via email.


Promoting the inclusion of a child rights-based approach in the Business and Human Rights treaty negotiations

12 November , 2020|

For the first time, this year’s negotiations to develop a business and human rights treaty included considerations of child rights throughout the week of consultations, which took place from 26 to 30 October. This was the result of coordinated advocacy among Child Rights Connect, its members and partners to bring a child rights-based [...]

It is time to ensure child rights and improve advocacy for OPIC ratification

29 October , 2020|

New tools to fostering the ratification of the OPIC   “While the CRC and its first two Optional Protocols have attracted high ratification rates, states appear to be more reticent about signing up to OPIC (…) Ratification [of the OPIC] opens the door to the [...]

Members States putting human rights at risk by delaying UN membership payments

29 September , 2020|

In the midst of a global human rights crisis, affecting millions of children worldwide, Child Rights Connect calls on government to pay their regular budget assessments in full and to stand up for the values upon which the United Nations [...]

Landmark resolution advances children’s right to a healthy environment

20 October , 2020|

The consideration of children’s rights has been historically absent from environmental or climate-related policies, laws, and action, due to weak political will and a general lack of awareness of the many links between child rights and a safe and healthy [...]

This page responds to the child advisors’ call for a platform to monitor the follow-up to the Day of General Discussion (DGD) on Protecting and Empowering Children as Human Rights defenders. It showcases direct follow-up activities to the 2018 DGD as well as examples of the different ways in which the global movement for children human rights defenders is growing at different levels and in many different forms.

UN Entry Points

87th session

17 May - 4 June

UN Entry Points

89th pre-session

7 June - 11 June

UN Entry Points

88th session

6 September - 24 September

UN Entry Points

90th pre-session

27 September - 1 October

UN Entry Points

89th session

17 January, 2022 - 4 February, 2022

UN Entry Points

91st pre-session

7 February, 2022 - 11 February, 2022

UN Entry Points

92nd pre-session

6 June, 2022 - 10 June, 2022

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