Day of General Discussion

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Day of General Discussion

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Days of General Discussion help develop a deeper understanding of the content or implications of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

What is a Day of General Discussion?

The Committee on the Rights of the Child (the Committee) holds a Day of General Discussion in Geneva (DGD) every two years in September focused on a specific article of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) or a related subject. These meetings are an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the contents and implications of the CRC. The topic is selected by the Committee and announced at least one year in advance. To know more check our  and the Committee’s webpage.

DGD 2018: Children Human Rights Defenders!

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child accepted our proposal for a 2018 Day of General Discussion (DGD) on “Protecting and empowering children as human rights defenders”!

The DGD is not just a day conference but an ambitious long-term project. Check out the timeline and key milestones.

The DGD 2018 logo has been designed by the DGD Child Advisory Team!

DGD Concept Note

Children’s Consultations Inform The DGD Concept Note

One of our first activities was to draft a concept note for the DGD. To inform the concept note, we called on our members and partners to gather children’s views on the scope of the DGD. To take forward the consultations, we developed a toolkit containing two documents:

The consultations findings fed into a drafting process which was led by our DGD Content Team and received support from the DGD Expert Advisory Group. The final concept note was adopted by the UN Committee during its 77th session in January-February 2018.

Download the DGD Concept Note

Download the child-friendly DGD Concept Note and its digital presentation on Prezi!

Download the child-friendly DGD Concept Note in Chinese 

Download the child-friendly DGD Concept Note in Arabic

DGD Exhibition at the UN

Child Rights Connect launched a call to collect videos and graphic material from children human rights defenders from all over the world to include in a film being produced by True Heroes Films – a leading film-maker in spreading knowledge of human rights and supporting human rights defenders by raising their visibility – and in the exhibition, Child Rights Connect is proud to organise:

Child Participation

Children's Committee

The Committee wants children to be at the heart of the DGD and for children’s voices to be central in all aspects of the preparations, throughout the Day itself and what happens afterwards.

Read our DGD Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedure.

Children’s Advisory Team!

Child Rights Connect has set up a Children’s Advisory Team! We took forward an application and selection process from November to January. There are 20 Child Advisors on the Team, from 19 countries and covering all regions of the world! They each have a supporting organisation of which there are 17 in total.

We have developed a roadmap of activities of the Child Advisors which will continue to be updated and reviewed by the children.

In March 2018, we have concluded our 3-day workshop with 5 of our 20 Child Advisors of the DGD Children’s Advisory Team here in Geneva and many of the other Child Advisors participated by offering their inputs online, including developing the DGD programme, the children’s consultation methodology, a child-friendly DGD concept note and the UN Committee’s Working Methods for child participation in DGDs.

Child Rights Connect is organising DGD briefing and debriefing Workshops for all the children attending the DGD!


The DGD is a long-term project to promote a global movement for children human rights defenders. Such movement will catalyse and strengthen existing initiatives to empower children as human rights defenders, by connecting them to broader initiatives at national, regional and international levels. Child Rights Connect wants to maximise this by offering all children attending the DGD a briefing and debriefing workshop. Ultimately these preparations and follow-up activities will help to ensure that the recommendations and outcomes of the DGD influence the UN Human Rights system and changes at national level for the protection and empowerment of children human rights defenders.

All child participants are invited to join:

  • a briefing on Thursday 27 September

Objective: Children feel ready and comfortable to actively participate during the DGD. The Child Advisors alongside the other child participants feel part of a group and create connections among themselves as well as with the CRC Committee, Child Rights Connect staff and OHCHR.

  • A debriefing on Saturday 29 September

Objective: To share experiences and views on the DGD as well as recommendations for future DGDs. To strengthen the capacity of children to follow-up on the DGD by using the outcomes to help their actions. For the Child Advisors to plan with Child Rights Connect their effectiveness engagement in the organisation’s programme activities.

Both the child participants and their accompanying adults should register here before 26th August 2018.

Global Consultations

Read the DGD children’s publication:

The views, perspectives and recommendations of children across the world“!

Child Rights Connect supported a global round of DGD children’s consultations (including an online survey) which were taken forward by the Children’s Advisory Team, our members and partners, including by adults and children themselves, between March and June 2018. The report presents the findings of these consultations and will be a key resource to be discussed during the DGD and has already been sent as a submission to the UN CRC Committee. It has been developed by the Centre for Children’s Rights of the Queen’s university of Belfast with the Children’s Advisory Team and many of our members and partners!

The aims of the consultations were to:

  • Collect from children acting or seeking to become human rights defenders their experiences, views and solution-oriented recommendations on the recognition, empowerment and protection of children human rights defenders to inform the programme and discussions of the DGD and related activities;
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the topic of children human rights defenders and to support/advance their ongoing efforts related to children’s rights.

DGD Hubs: Take Action and Join the Global Movement for Children Human Rights Defenders!

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is calling on all interested stakeholders to talk about the protection and the empowerment of children as human rights defenders at local, national, regional and international levels before, during and after the DGD and throughout 2018.

All types of discussions and debates can be DGD Hubs, before, during and after the DGD. See the DGD Hubs Guidelines!

Should you be interested in organizing a DGD Hub, please contact us at to share your plan and to receive our DGD HUB COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES.

Communication and Social Media Guidelines

Please, spread the word about the 2018 DGD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sokhrates and Linkedin! More materials will be shared – stay tuned!

Key accounts to follow and to MENTION on Twitter

  • Child Rights Connect @ChildRightsCnct
  • Michel Forst, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders @ForstMichel
  • OHCHR UN Human Rights @UNHumanRights

Useful webpages and corresponding ‘bitly’ links to share

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