CRC Reporting

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CRC Reporting

The Committee regularly reviews each State party to the CRC and its Optional Protocols to assess the progress each State has made in implementing them and to provide country-specific recommendations.

Understanding and taking part in the various stages of the CRC reporting cycle is a powerful way for children’s rights defenders, including children, to monitor and help improve children’s rights in their countries.

Child Rights Connect is the strategic partner of the Committee and OHCHR for the engagement of children’s rights defenders in the reporting cycle. Our role is to strengthen the capacity of children’s rights defenders, including children, to use the CRC reporting cycle as an advocacy tool and in connection with other relevant UN human rights entry points. Our approach is to maximize the potential of the Child Rights Connect network to empower children’s rights defenders in a sustainable way and with multiplying and long-term effect.

The Reporting Process

To learn more about the reporting cycle and get advice on how to engage, please visit our dedicated website and read our guides and tools:

Or contact us at

For more information on the UNCRC Simplified Reporting Procedure (SRP), please consult this page.

Alternative report submission

Submit your alternative reports and additional information.

CRC Reporting Cycle

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Our member network has a broad reach and works in every country in the world.

It is unique in its global outreach and its diversity, constituting a strong and credible global voice on children’s rights.

Help us create a world in which all children can enjoy their rights.


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