74th Session and 76th pre-session CRC

74th Session and 76th pre-session CRC2017-03-23T15:06:19+01:00

Overview of the 74th Session and 76th pre-session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
(16 January – 10 February 2017)

1. List of States reviewed (Reviewed Reports, Concluding Observations, Child Rights Connect Session Reports)

At its 74th session (16 January – 3 February 2017) the Committee reviewed the reports and issued Concluding Observations for eight States:

2. Children participation monitor

3. Status of ratifications (as of March 2017)

  • 196 States parties to the CRC
  • 166 States parties to the OPAC
  • 173 States parties to the OPSC
  • 32 States parties to the OPIC 

4. Status of work on General Comments (as of March 2017)

  • The General Comment on the rights of adolescents was launched.
  • A new General Comment on children in street situation was adopted by the Committee and will be published soon on OHCHR website.
  • The Committee continued to work on the General Comment on children in the context of international migration and announced that regional consultations are started to be planned.

Status of individual communications

  • Inadmissible cases:

55 individual communications were rejected: 25 communications were from non-State parties, 14 were information requests from States, 4 did not exhaust domestic remedies, in 2 cases the violation happened before the Optional Protocol entered into force, 2 communications were contact letters showing interest in the Protocol, in 1 case there was a language problem, 3 have not yet finalized the legal procedures and 4 other additional cases.
3 decisions had been taken on admissibility so far. All 3 cases have been declared inadmissible. Recent jurisprudence on OHCHR website

  • Pending cases:

6 cases pending decisions: 1 was granted interim measures and is ready for decision, 1 is not ready for decision due to translation issues, 1 was granted interim measures and waiting for the comments of the author, 1 was granted interim measures and waiting for the State answers to determine its admissibility, 1 was granted interim measures but the State did not respect them and the Committee is waiting for the State’s reply to its questions, and finally 1 is pending for revision since it was submitted recently.
For more information, check out the 74th closing session here

5. Relevant activities of the Committee during the session

  • The Committee worked on the report of the Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and the Environment that took place in 2016. The report is published here.
  • The Committee held its 9th informal meeting with States. In this occasion, Committee members informed the permanent missions to the UN in Geneva about recent developments in relation to: The Global Study on the situation of children deprived of liberty; the Simplified Reporting Procedure; the Optional Protocol on a communications procedure; and the new methodology for concluding observations with urgent measures for countries that have been reviewed more than two times.

6. Committee and OHCHR priority issues

  • Strengthening the Treaty Body system by harmonizing working methods and simplifying procedures, as provided by the General Assembly Resolution 68/268.
  • Advocate with States for the ratification of the third Optional Protocol on a communications procedure.
  • Implement the 2030 agenda from an integrated children’s rights based approach focusing in those children left behind and those furthest left behind.
  • Support the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty.
  • Addressing the direct link between violations of children’s rights and armed conflict in topics like killing and maiming, abduction, sexual violence, child and youth recruitment, attacks on schools and hospitals, and denial of humanitarian access in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Israel, Colombia, Nigeria, Philippines and Pakistan, and others.