78th Session and 80th pre-session CRC

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Overview of the 78th Session and 80th Pre-session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child

(14 May – 8 June 2018)

1. List of States reviewed (Reviewed Reports, Concluding Observations, Child Rights Connect Session Reports)

At its 78th session (14 May – 01 June 2018) the Committee reviewed the reports and issued Concluding Observations for eight States

2. Children’s participation Monitoring and Analysis

3. Status of ratifications (as of April 2018)

  • 196 States parties to the CRC
  • 167 States parties to the OPAC
  • 174 States parties to the OPSC – State of Palestine acceded to OPSC, bringing the number of States parties to 174, one more since the last session (11 September – 29 September 2017).
  • 39 States parties to the OPIC – Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovakia ratified the OPIC, bringing the number of States parties to 39, two more since the last session (15 January – 09 February).

4. Status of work on General Comments (as of July 2018)

The Committee has continued with the revision of General Comment 10 on juvenile justice which will be finalised in September 2018. It will then start to work on a new General Comment on digital media and children’s rights.

5. Status of work on Day of General Discussion (as of July 2018)

Child Rights Connect has released a child friendly version of the concept note and has launched a global consultation with children human rights defenders. The DGD programme will be available soon.

6. Status of individual communications under the Optional Protocol on a communications procedure

  • On 1 June 2018, the Committee on the Rights of the Child released decisions on a total of four cases, one against Germany, two against Spain and one against Denmark under the Optional Protocol on a Communications Procedure (OPIC). The Committee has discontinued the first two cases and the last two were considered inadmissible.
  • The case against Denmark was about a deportation of family with child to Afghanistan, where they claim a risk of persecution based on their alleged conversion from Islam, arguing that it violated the prohibition of discrimination, best interests of the child, protection of the child against all forms of violence or ill treatment. The Committee decided that the case was inadmissible on the basis that the authors have failure to justify a personal risk of a serious violation of A.Y.’s rights upon return to Afghanistan. The Committee therefore considered that this part of the communication was also insufficiently substantiated and declares it inadmissible under article 7 (f) of the Optional Protocol.
  • The complaint against Spain consisted of an allegation by the author that, during the age determination procedure, the best interests of the child recognized in article 3 of the Convention were not taken into account. He pointed out that, as the Committee had noted, there was no uniform protocol for the protection of unaccompanied children at the national level in the State party. Thus, the methods used to determine the age of these children vary according to the Autonomous Community concerned. The Committee had noted that the Algerian consulate in Barcelona issued a temporary passport (laissez passer) in the name of the author, stating that his date of birth was 9 December 1997, a date that would coincide with that indicated by the author in his application for asylum. Therefore, the Committee found out that the case was inadmissible.
  • Thus far, the Committee has considered 11 cases, 7 have been declared inadmissible, and three cases has been discontinued. Find the Committee’s jurisprudence here.
  • See the table of pending cases before the Committee here.

7. Status of Simplified Reporting Procedure (SRP)

The Committee has adopted its first List of Issues Priori to Reporting (LOIPR) for the review of Hungary and Croatia under the SRP.

8. Relevant activities of the Committee during the session

Olga Khazova attended the Chairperson’s meeting in New York that took place during the CRC session, from 28 May to 1 June. Watch the webcast of the meeting  as well as the side event that TBNet organised on TB elections. Child Rights Connect submitted two joint NGO submissions for the Chairpersons’ meeting, you can find them here and here.

9. Relevant activities of Child Rights Connect during the session (as of July 2018)

  • Child Rights Connect met several times with the Committee during the session and pre-session to discuss matters related to child participation and the organisation of this year’s Day of General Discussion.
  • Child Rights Connect met with Committee members, OHCHR and UNICEF to discuss a joint plan of collaboration with the CRPD Committee in eight of the Annual Day of the Child in 2019 and the CRPD General Comment on the participation of persons with disabilities.

10. 80th Pre-Session

The Committee held the pre-session meetings and issued List of Issues for the following seven States:

  • Bahrain (OPSC, OPAC)
  • Belgium (CRC)
  • Italy (CRC)
  • Guinea (CRC)
  • Czech Republic (CRC)
  • Hungary (CRC)
  • Croatia (CRC)
  • Syria (CRC)

Deadlines for additional information from children’s rights defenders here.