CRC sessions and webcasting

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CRC Sessions and Webcasting

During its sessions, The Committee conducts dialogue with the States who have ratified the Convention and/or its Optional Protocols in order to assess progress and shortfalls in their implementation.

The session are broadcasted live by the UN Web TV. The link to the webcast is then posted on the session page together with the audio recording.

The webcast is a unique opportunity to raise awareness and do advocacy on the CRC reporting at national level, either by gathering children’s rights defenders around the live webcast or by using the recorded videos for follow-up activities, advocacy actions or capacity-building activities, especially with children.

CRC Sessions and pre-sessions overviews

Child Rights Connect follows all the sessions produces its own summary country reports, highlighting reporting status, main issues discussed and main recommendations included in the Concluding Observations.

74th Session and 76th Pre-Session Overview
75th Session and 77th Pre-Session Overview
76th Session and 78th Pre-Session Overview
77th Session and 79th Pre-Session Overview
78th Session and 80th Pre-Session Overview
79th Session and 81st Pre-Session Overview

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