CRC Reporting

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CRC Reporting

Understanding and taking part in the various stages of the CRC reporting cycle is a powerful way for NGOs to monitor and help improve children’s rights in their countries.


The Committee on the Rights of the Child (the Committee) regularly reviews each State party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Optional Protocols on the Sale of Children (OPSC) and Children in Armed Conflict (OPAC) . This is how it examines the progress each State has made in implementing the CRC and its Optional Protocols (OPs).

The reporting process

To learn more about the steps of the reporting cycle, please visit our dedicated website and read our guides:

Child Rights Connect’s Role

Child Rights Connect is the strategic partner of the Committee and OHCHR for the engagement of children’s rights defenders in its work, including in the reporting cycle. We have a unique expertise on the Committee’s work and a unique overview of children’s rights defender’s contribution.
Our role is to strengthen the capacity of children’s rights defenders to use the CRC reporting cycle as an advocacy tool and in connection with other UN human rights entry points. Children’s rights defenders need proper skills, motivations, knowledge and connections. What we do is to share information, transfer competencies and create synergies through:

  • Awareness raising: timely, accessible and multilingual public information
  • Technical advice: resource, tools and facilitation of peer-to-peer exchanges
  • Capacity building: training and facilitation to provide customized and in depth expertise. Discover the storify of our latest training
  • Financial support: for key meetings between the Committee and children’s rights defenders

Our approach is to maximize the potential of Child Rights Connect network to empower children’s rights defenders in a sustainable way and with multiplying and long-term effect.
Who can apply for Child Rights Connect's funding

Child Rights Connect has secured limited funding for organisations invited by the Committee to attend its pre-sessions which cannot fully cover their costs to come to Geneva.
To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an NGO or a coalition of NGOs;
  • Have been invited by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to attend a country pre-session;
  • Have undertaken efforts to raise funds to participate to the country pre-session previously;
  • Have failed to raise funds covering the full costs of the participation of its selected representative(s) to the country pre-session.

Child Rights Connect will inform all applicants about its decision.
If your organisation fulfills the criteria listed above, you can apply for funding directly through this online registration form.

What can be covered?

  • Travel costs to Geneva: round-trip economy class ticket (flight or train), visa fees and visa-related costs; and
  • Board and lodging: accommodation in a hotel in Geneva and a 50 CHF (~50 USD) allowance per full day of stay within the funded period.

No other expenses will be covered.
Partial funding includes selected items listed above, depending on the funds the applicant was already able to fundraise.

CRC Reporting online platform for children’s rights defenders

Child Rights Connect provides a confidential and secured online platform for children’s rights defenders (NGOs, NHRIs, Ombudspersons and children) to ensure:

  • the effective transmission of written information to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and OHCHR.
  • the effective participation of children’s rights defenders in the Committee’s pre-sessions in Geneva.

The Committee and OHCHR, its Secretariat, use this platform as the official process for providing written and oral inputs to the Committee, as it is indicated on OHCHR website. You can use these forms to upload your submission and request an invitation to the Committee’s pre-session and children’s meetings. As per the Committee’s Guidelines, only those who have submitted written information can request an invitation.
For an overview of Child Rights Connect’s platform for children’s rights defenders process download the diagram here.(.pdf)
Child Rights Connect does not endorse the content of the reports. If you do not want to use this platform you should contact the Committee Secretariat at
Child Rights Connect provides restricted access to the secured platform to the Committee Secretariat only. Child Rights Connect deals with the information provided in a confidential manner, except for the submissions that are authorized for publication on OHCHR website. Child Rights Connect cannot be held responsible if unauthorized third parties receive the information.