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2018-07-19T15:49:15+02:0019 July , 2018|

Call to Registration to Sokhrates

Sokhrates is a social media network which connects people and organisations with a cause, and funds projects in the area of children’s and adolescents’ rights, as well as the environment. By using Sokhrates, you can communicate with organisations and individuals from around the world, by posting and sharing your content, [...]

2019-03-21T12:46:31+02:005 July , 2018|

Child Rights Connect Public Reception

Child Rights Connect is organising a networking reception, with children’s rights defenders from around the world and inspiring keynote speakers, to trigger discussions and ideas on recognising children as human rights defenders. Tuesday, 8 May 2018 6 to 8 PM Club Suisse de la Presse 106, route Ferney 1202 [...]

2018-05-05T08:40:46+02:001 May , 2018|