Committee Elections

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Committee Elections

Every two years, the term of half the Committee members ends and elections take place in New York, generally in June. 

Child Rights Connect advocates for quality, independence and diversity of the Committee membership. We contact States and children’s rights defenders to encourage the nomination and election of the most suitably qualified experts, based on the official criteria provided by the CRC, the GA Resolution on treaty body strengthening and the Addis Ababa Guidelines on the independence and impartiality of treaty body members. We also promote transparency by providing the nominees with the opportunity to respond to a public questionnaire where they can demonstrate how their experience and expertise is an added value for the Committee. The responses to the questionnaires are published on the

 Call for action 2018 elections

The next elections of CRC Committee members will be held on 29 June 2018 in New York.

April 2018 is the deadline for submission of nominees by States to the OHCHR. The term of nine CRC Committee members will expire on 28 February 2019:

  1. Suzanne AHOM ASSOUA, Togo(Vice-Chairperson) / Africa
  2. Hynd AYOUBI IDRISSI, Morocco/Africa
  3. Jorge CARDONA LLORENS, Spain/ Europe
  4. Bernard GASTAUD, Monaco / Europe (Rapporteur)
  5. Hatem KOTRANE, Tunisia / Africa
  6. Gehad MADI, Egypt/ Africa
  7. Clarence NELSON, Samoa/ Asia (Vice-Chairperson)
  8. José Angel RODRÍGUEZ REYES, Venezuela/ Latin America (Vice-Chairperson)
  9. Kirsten SANDBERG, Norway/ Europe

How can you influence the process?

We urge children’s rights defenders working in regions less represented within the CRC Committee to play a proactive role in terms of identifying and encouraging suitable candidates to seek nomination as well as to support them in any way possible to get nominated by their government.

You will find in our fact sheet guidance on how you can influence the nomination and election processes, as well as more details about how these processes work.

Please, also watch the webcast of the TB-Net event on Promoting Quality, Independence and Diversity in Treaty Body Membership: the Importance of Transparent and Participatory Nominations and Election Processes, or read the summary report, where you can find concrete information on what States and civil society can do to ensure good Treaty Body members.

In our fact sheets you can find guidance on what you can do to make sure that the right members are nominated and elected: English, French and Spanish

We strongly recommend that you start advocating for an open, transparent and independent nomination process as soon as possible. The UK’s process discussed during the event can be of inspiration. Switzerland has also launched a public call for candidatures for the Sub-Committee on the Prevention of Torture and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The inputs shared by the Africa Child Policy Forum are also extremely useful to understand the role of children’s rights defenders.

Remember that “the quality, devotion and integrity of Treaty Body experts sustain the value and impact of the treaty body system, and are prerequisites for its effectiveness” (High Commissioner for Human Rights, His Excellency Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein).

Things to take into account:

  • All nine candidates whose term expires can be nominated again and re-elected. However, we know that four of them will not run for re-election (Jorge Cardona, Kirsten Sandberg, Suzanne Aho and Clarence Nelson).

  • Given the current composition and under-representation of certain regions and areas of expertise, Child Rights Connect encourages you to proactively look for and reach out to:

    • Potential candidates from current under-represented regions (South-East Asia and Latin America)
    • Potential candidates from potential under-represented regions (Africa)
    • Potential candidates with expertise in child participation,public health, educationeconomics (given the increasing focus that the Committee is putting on public spending), humanitarian law and legal complaints handling skills, in view of the Committee’s work with regard to individual complaints

Our member network has a broad reach and works in every country in the world.

It is unique in its global outreach and its diversity, constituting a strong and credible global voice on children’s rights.

Help us create a world in which all children can enjoy their rights.


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