What we do

Child Rights Connect works in a variety of ways to make sure that children’s rights, as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), are properly respected throughout the world.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has been ratified by almost every country in the world. Despite this, millions of children have their rights violated on a daily basis. If children are to be properly recognised as people with rights, as people who can actually claim and enjoy those rights, the world must change how it views and treats its children.

Our vision and mission

Child Rights Connect envisions a world in which children enjoy their rights, as defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our Mission is to advocate for children’s enjoyment of their rights and to enable civil society actors, including children, to engage effectively with the international human rights system.

Our work

Child Rights Connect works to advance child rights through a strategic combination of activities:

  • Actively participating in the drafting of international child rights instruments (e.g. Like the drafting of the CRC and its Optional Protocols OP3 CRC).
  • Providing support and training to build the capacity of national and regional NGOs and coalitions so that they can engage as effectively as possible with the Committee and other parts of the UN human rights system.
  • Supporting national NGOs as they engage with the Committee on the Rights of the Child and other UN human rights mechanisms so that the UN system becomes a more effective vehicle for change at national level.
  • Advocating for child rights internationally, particularly with the Human Rights Council and its Universal Periodic Review, making sure they are viewed as part of the mainstream within human rights.
  • Supporting and monitoring the work of the Committee, especially by ensuring active NGO participation in the CRC reporting process so that the Committee has an accurate and balanced understanding of the situation of child rights in the countries under review.
  • Producing practical tools (e.g. reporting guides and fact sheets) and conducting research on evolving aspects of child rights.

This is how we do it (click to

  • We do everything we can to make sure that NGOs and other organisations, like National Human Rights Institutions, are able to get involved as effectively as possible in the CRC reporting process and other activities carried out by the Committee on the Rights of the Child (the Committee).
  • We make sure that child rights are taken into account in all United Nations human rights mechanisms and procedures such as the Human Rights Council (HRC) and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).
  • We push for the recommendations and other outputs of the Committee and the other relevant international human rights mechanisms, like the (Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review), to be implemented as effectively as possible at national level.
  • We carry out and support international advocacy on key child rights issues, coordinating with our members and partners.


Every 5 years, Child Rights Connect develops a strategic plan based on objectives, which guide our work. 

For 2015-2019 we have 4 strategic objectives. Click to read more.

  1. National, regional and international NGOs, children’s rights coalitions, children, child-led organisations and NHRIs effectively engage with the Committee on the Rights of the Child.
  2. Children’s rights are addressed in strategic areas of work of the UN human rights system and other international processes.
  3. The Optional Protocol on a Communications Procedure is used by children, NGOs, children’s rights coalitions and NHRIs to seek redress for children’s rights violations.
  4. Children’s views influence the work of the Committee and the broader UN human rights system to advance children’s rights at national, regional and international levels.

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