CRC sessions

  • 82nd session Sep-Oct 2019

    Australia (CRC), Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRC), Cook Islands (CRC), Costa Rica (CRC), Georgia (OPAC, OPSC), Mozambique (CRC), Panama (OPSC), Portugal (CRC), Republic of Korea (CRC)

  • Botswana (CRC), Cabo Verde (CRC), Côte d’Ivoire (CRC), Malta (CRC), Poland (LOIPR), Singapore (CRC), Sri Lanka (OPSC), Tonga (CRC)

  • 80th session 14 Jan-1 Feb 2019

    Bahrain (CRC), Belgium (CRC), Croatia (LOIPR), Czech Republic (OPSC), Guinea (CRC), Hungary (LOIPR), Italy (CRC), Japan (CRC), Syrian Arab Republic (CRC)

  • Benin (OPSC, OPAC), El Salvador (CRC), Lao People’s Democratic Republic (CRC), Mauritania (CRC), Niger (CRC, OPSC), Saudi Arabia (OPSC, OPAC)

  • 78th session 14 May-1 Jun 2018

    Algeria (OPAC), Angola (CRC, OPSC, OPAC), Argentina (CRC), Lesotho (CRC), Montenegro (CRC), Norway (CRC)

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News, tools and information on the new Optional Protocol to the CRC (OP3 CRC) and Child Rights Connect's work toward ratification along with the International Coalition "Ratify OP3 CRC".

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